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La léon2007

  • 3.3
Deep in the lush river jungles of Argentina, Alvaro lives a solitary existence fishing and harvesting reeds. What sets him apart from the rest of his village is that he is gay. There are no other gay men in his world, and his only means of expression is with the occasional outsider who passes through. Most of these men come via the river taxi El león, whose captain, El Turu, is a homophobic man with a secret. Attitudes begin to change when illegal loggers appear in the jungle and El Turu accuses Alvaro of aiding them. These two men must battle each other over land and respect.

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Member Reviews (8)

Interesting movie, but so slow of design on characters and stage performance.

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way, way too slow...interactions between people seem so unrealistic and just poorly zero out it...a true waste of time

solitude and loneliness a wicked bride and groom...

stunning cinematography; beautiful lighting; suspenseful; brooding; slow as fuck.

dark, not my favorite, little dialogue

Depressing but to what point? Hard to patch together. Interest only as archive.

Frankly the movie was too obscure for my taste. Too little dialogue and scenes seemed to be disjointed and vague as to intent. The camera was trying to capture the mood of the events and characters, but it seemed to lack continuity to bring it all together I could not understand where it was going! The main character Alvaro, seemed to be always in a daze (was he on something?) He does not relate to anyone (either male or female) so seems to be at loose ends throughout the movie..(the other reviewer mentions the rich story telling? and sensual cinematogphray ?, so I guess I don't have the eye he has, as I found it anything but sensual!

sensual cinematography, rich story telling, noir acting, makes for a good film. liked it.