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  • 4.4
KORLA is the amazing story of John Roland Redd, an African-American from Columbia, Missouri who migrated to Hollywood in 1939 and reinvented himself as a musician from India. He played the piano and organ, wore a jeweled turban, had a hypnotic gaze and never spoke a word while performing on his own live television program, "Korla Pandit's Adventures in Music". He also found fame as an actor, spiritual guide and recording artist and was later celebrated by a new generation of fans who crowned him the Godfather of Exotica Music. As one of early television's pioneering musical artists, Korla Pandit's life was one of talent determination, ingenuity, and racial passing, a story not fully realized until after his death in 1998.

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This is truly one of the most unusual instances of "passing". An African-American musician goes to L.A. in the 1930s and transforms himself into an Indian man name Korla Pandit. Simultaneously concerning music and social history, KORLA is a stimulating way to pass 78 minutes.

Very interesting story and lots of vintage tv clips, but the production was clearly limited by a low budget. Definitely worth watching for the life story of this most unique individual, especially if you are into popular music history.