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also known as Nóz w wodzie

Knife in the Water1962

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  • 4.1
Roman Polanski's first feature is a brilliant psychological thriller that many critics still consider among his greatest work. The story is simple, yet the implications of its characters' emotions and actions are profound. When a young hitchhiker joins a couple on a weekend yacht trip, psychological warfare breaks out as the two men compete for the woman's attention. A storm forces the small crew below deck, and tension builds to a violent climax. With stinging dialogue and a mercilessly probing camera, Polanski creates a disturbing study of fear, humiliation, sexuality and aggression. This remarkable directorial debut won Polanski worldwide acclaim, a place on the cover of Time, and his first Academy Award®-nomination.

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top reviewer

Simple and complex all at once, Roman Polanski's film feels as fresh and new as it must have felt 54 years ago. This film is just about perfect.

top reviewer

my second favorite Polanski film_i love Chinatown& maybe Repulsion_but it's been awhile_anyway this is a good on_nothing like making a mistake & making it worse_sweet end_she's great wet w her hair down

Enjoyed this one. It is a pretty simple premise and plot but the way Polanski weaves in the various thoughts and actions of the characters makes it VERY GOOD. In the end you realize each character is basically upset with who they are as a person.

Great shots. I wish movies were made like this today. This has heart, soul, only 3 characters, but great conflict.

From the beginning of his career, Polansky was a master at creating expectation and suspense. Your expectations are constantly challenged and the surprise element holds up from beginning to end. Great film.

A subtle look at male rivalry and how detachment twists perceptions. When the female character tells the truth its received as she anticipates, as a fabrication. Perhaps the last third of the film gains its considerable power at least partly in contrast to the banality depicted in the earlier parts, a banality that were it not for the cinematography almost dissuades one from continuing to watch. But its worth continuing. An almost haunting, reflective finish.

loved it! its cid!