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Kitchen Party1997

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  • 3.3
Scott wants to throw a party to celebrate going off to college, and to impress (and hence, score with) his girlfriend Tammy. But he’s not going anywhere if his overly retentive parents find out, or if one footstep is seen on the perfectly-vacuumed carpet. Scott’s solution: have the party anyway, but restrict everyone to the kitchen. Scott and his anti-social brother Steve trade insults nonstop, but as Scott must tend to accumulating problems and mishaps, Tammy, feeling bored and ignored, leaves with Steve. Across town, Scott’s parents and two other couples are having a parallel night of immaturity and hilarity as they attend their own drunken soirée. Events spin out of control at both the teen beer bash and the adult counterpart in this insightful and ironic comedy from Gary Burns.

Member Reviews (3)

Funny premise and fine acting. I'm a huge fan of 'uncomfortable situations' humor so I thought the adult dinner party storyline was much more entertaining. Overall a cute coming of age film.

This film really made me smile. It is the story of one evening and two different parties. One party is a group of teenagers confined to a kitchen out of fear of making a mess on the carpet. The other party is a group of parents confined to a dinner party and living in fear of making a mess of themselves socially.

The juxtaposition of the two groups is quite funny. It really shows how maturity doesn't necessarily come with age. Neurosis can be passed on and we all live in fear of something. We cannot let fear drive our lives. In the end, I find it ironic that it is the teenagers who are able to confront their fears head on and the parents do not.

The parents are overly controlling basket cases. The kids are frustrated and rebellious. The parents drink too much. The kids take drugs. Everyone is miserable. It reminds me of "The Breakfast Club". It's a pretty funny movie ;)