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Kiri Wai: Inner Skin


directed by Bruce Giglio, 53 minutes

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KIRI WAI: INNER SKIN is the story of Bruce, a young European-American who undertakes a journey to the South Pacific. He is on an identity quest that began in his adolescence when Inia Taylor (Maori tattoo artist, sculptor and makeup artist for ONCE WERE WARRIORS) began a moko on Bruce's skin. Over the course of his quest, Bruce seeks answers to questions about the moko. In the process, he delves into Maori culture and the moko's place in other cultures. Is the art tattooed on Bruce's skin a reflection of his identity? Does the moko reveal his deeper nature and artistic identity? Or is he being cheated? Is a Westerner with a Moko living in a fool's paradise, believing an artist's explanation of a tattoo without ever reaching his own understanding of the symbols marking him for life?

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