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also known as Leninskaya Kino-Pravda: K godovshchine smerti Vladimira Ilicha Lenina

Kino-Pravda XXI (excerpt)1925

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  • 3.3
This animated Soviet brevity, excised from the twenty-first episode of Dziga Vertov's Kino-Pravda series, dwells on the anniversary of the death of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. This particular sequence highlights a handful of developments in the U.S.S.R. at the time that the film was completed.



Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

Incredible what you can accomplish in one minute. It really is a long time. An excellent film!

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top reviewer

Anniversary of the Death of Lenin with a jibe at Capitalism by the great Dzig Vertov. this is an excerpt from his legendary film KINO PRAVDA.

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top reviewer

The message was not entirely clear to me. My best guess is this: After Lenin’s death the USSR and the CPSU were mainstreamed, becoming less revolutionary and less proletarian, changes that indicated success of Lenin’s project but failure of Soviet society to achieve the ideal that Lenin had believed in. Thus, Lenin would have called the post-Lenin USSR a sell-out.

top reviewer

Dear Mr. Stalin,

Please don't shoot any arrows into my eyes.