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also known as La citta sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori

Kidnap Syndicate1975

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  • 4.0
Colella is a hard working but struggling mechanic who raises his son Fabrizio after his wife passed away. Fabrizio is friends with Antonio, son of the extremely rich but incredibly repugnant businessman Filippini. When criminals kidnap Antonio in front of school, the brave Fabrizio tries to prevent this and the nervous kidnappers pull him into the car as well. They demand a huge ransom for the boys, but the pigheaded Filippini refuses to give in to criminals and put the lives of the boys at stake, whilst Colella and even the police commissioner can't do anything. Colella goes after them, but soon stumbles upon a very complex and well-protected network.



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"If shit was worth something, the poor would be born without assholes."

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"If shit was worth something, the poor would be born without assholes."

1 member likes this review

Brought back recolections of the "pazzia" of that time. a raw, visceral film

OK. Didn't think it was anything great but entertaining.

To say it's only ninety eight minutes long, it crams more action an plot into films twice as long, laughing at the conventions of movie making in some cases and then completely embracing them in others.

It's a bit of an odd puppy of a film with some great set pieces and characters you'd expect from a Di Leo and a bizarre appearance by James Mason of all people.