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Kick That Habit1989

  • 3.3
KICK THAT HABIT is a film created in the bleak eastern region of Switzerland. At first, a group plays a game of mini-golf, then the Swiss musicians Voice Crack (Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl) rehearse in the studio, afterward heading up to Alpstein, at which point you are right in the middle of a concert, next stepping away to the blue south, taken back to a table laid for dinner, then relocating down by the lake for the next concert, which fades away into romanticized Russian Super-8 landscapes, until before long you find yourself groping in the dark, when, underneath the water, you return back to the studio, where the movie writes its own soundtrack.

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Brilliant. Solid and Concrete.

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Brilliant. Solid and Concrete.

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top reviewer

Fucking fantastic.

I feel free now

incredible sound performances/compositions

Brilliant exploration of sound.