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Karl Rove, I Love You2009

  • 3.9
It's Election Year during the Bush Administration. Dan Butler is co-starring on Broadway with Alec Baldwin in "Twentieth Century." Butler reluctantly agrees to participate in a documentary on the "unknown supporting actor" when he becomes smitten with the role of a lifetime: Karl Rove (Bush's notorious advisor). Butler plans a stage show that will expose Rove as the architect behind a campaign of fear and divisiveness, a show that will appall the electorate and ensure a victory for John Kerry. Unfortunately, an actor can't judge the character he's playing. No one sees themselves as a villain. So, Butler sets out to discover the "Karl Rove" inside us all, but the more Butler sees the world through Rove's eyes, the more Butler's friends and associates find themselves worried about his well-being. And when Butler finds himself falling in love with Rove, truly scary events begin to occur.

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