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also known as K.G.

Karate Girl2011

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  • 3.7
Real-life black-belt Rina Takeda stars as an ordinary high school student turned martial arts master in this throwback action film with a refreshing lack of CGI and special effects and a surprisingly old-school focus on hand-to-hand martial arts action. Years ago, a murderous clan of ninjas murdered Ayaka's family and kidnapped her sister Natsuki; now, Ayaka hides out in Yokohama as a high schooler while Natsuki has turned into a killing machine. Soon, all will meet again and Ayaka must take her martial-arts talents to another level entirely to gain revenge for her family (and get Natsuki back). Praised as "the female Bruce Lee," star Rina Takeda performs every stunt and fight herself while director Yoshikatsu Kimura wisely highlights her abilities through a succession of well-staged action scenes. - Jason Sanders



Member Reviews (24)

top reviewer

“Karate Girl” has several things going for it. You’ve got a very likable star who’s also real-life Karate expert, playing a strong and capable heroine you want to root for. There’s a story that focuses on characters rather than dialing it in out with the usual mind-numbing action.

Unfortunately, the action itself falls short at times. The fight choreography and camera work are sluggish, especially when compared to the to the impeccable acrobatics seen in martial arts films from China. The film also spends a little too much time with the villain, a second-rate castoff from a James Bond flick. Still, it’s nice to see a film that tries to set itself apart from the usual action clichés.

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top reviewer

Wonderful. Great karate. Great story. Very well-directed, shot & edited for non-stop tension and suspense, I thought. The young ladies were as cute as could be, and at the same time amazing martial artists. The main villain parts were over-acted, but the rest was so good that I was able to look past it. Well-done. Must see, if you like this genre. -Biggo

Passable, but the action feels a little wimpy.

Unbelievable to see a female heroine, this young, with skills this amazing. Very, very moving.

Very entertaining!!

KG was pretty good one, I thought two girls was just womnderful,way better then adlte acters. Go karate girls! Would be nice to have tv program on U.S.A !


The storyline had potential but overall was an entertaining movie.

Love Asian movies this was a good one

Excellent Movie! It Show that Students Who Is Being Thought By Their Teacher, Learn How To Use Their Skills The Right Way...

We Need More Show Like This Show On Regular TV Broadcast To Teach Teenager How To Learn & Show Respect To Their Instructor Teaching Them!

It All About Self Defense Against Bad Students Who Was Taught By Bad Instructors..... Excellent Show, To Sister Reunited Together Again....

This movie was awesome! I was surprised and impressed! Great story! Loved everything about it! The two young ladies excellent skills and they were very engaging characters. Loved the footage at the end of the movie showing some of the practice and work that went into the fight scenes. Nice!

slow slow slow

great karate skills girls, I like both of the sister ... they are so great fighter

It was a good movie

its very good thx..

Interesting movie. I like to watch it.

kinda slow, imo just your average stereotypical japanese karate film. 3.5/5

Awesome and action packed movie.

I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the story line was interestining and the fight scenes were great. I just wish it was in english.

Very excellent movie with lots of action good story line well delivered with professional screen actors and actress's. I really enjoyed this one although all movie with both bad and good for one the man that plaid the villain.I have to add was a bit over the top for me to melodramatic like all bad guys he had one of those vileness laughs as usual.

good fight sceens

pretty good fight scenes, smokin hot main charachter


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Great movie and action