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Karama Has No Walls2012

  • 4.3
2014 Academy Award® nominee for Best Documentary Short Subject, KARAMA HAS NO WALLS is a gripping, eye-witness account of the tragic day that changed the course of the revolution in Yemen; when pro-government snipers opened fired on a peaceful gathering of protesters, sparking national outrage and ultimately leading to the end of thirty-three years of autocratic rule. On March 18, 2011, in the days following popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, a peaceful assembly of protestors gathered in Yemen’s capital’s city of Sana’a to demand an end to the presidency of Ali Abdullah Saleh. After Friday prayers, as more people began to arrive, gunmen ascended rooftops surrounding the square and opened fire. Fifty-three people were killed, hundreds were injured. It was one of the bloodiest days in Yemen’s modern history. It came to be known as “Juma’at El-Karama” or the “Friday of Dignity.” Instead of quelling the demonstrations however, masses of people flocked to the square in solidarity with their fellow citizens. Military officials defected and joined the protests; members of parliament resigned and announced their support for the revolution; entire tribes set aside their weapons, made amends with rival tribesmen and pitched up tents in the square, all in support of one cause: the liberation of Yemen from the shackles of a barbaric regime. Incorporating remarkable footage from two cameramen who were there as events unfolded, KARAMA HAS NO WALLS offers a dynamic, multifaceted perspective in telling the story of a single day that altered the path of a nation.

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Member Reviews (1)

An apalling record of a lesser known part of the Arab Spring. incredible courage. This with the US drones taking their toll on the lives of people in rural areas with collateral damage.