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Just Another Girl1982

  • 2.9
With the single-minded attention to detail of a teenager preparing for the prom (or an actress preparing for an award) but augmented by the boisterous camaraderie of friends, a group of San Francisco men pluck, primp and transform themselves into women for a performance (or perhaps an evening on the town). Rock Ross described this sped-up snapshot, which he set to a mash-up/spoken word slice by Malcolm McLaren, as "made for a time capsule." Was he referring to the poignant fact that youth and beauty don't last forever or something else altogether? - Michael Fox

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I am a huge fan of LGBTQ materials, and this film is a great example illustrating the viewpoint of an "outsider" looking in and on a "snapshot" of time framing the comradeship, peace, love & best of another "world." Enjoy!

top reviewer

What a waste of 4 minutes..............

What a gas!

Rick Ross' Just Another Girl is not just another avant-garde film. The film combines the rhythm of a music video with the comic intimacy of a home movie. Devoid of dialogue and flush with quick edits set to Malcolm McLaren's dance club hit Buffalo Gals the film nearly strobes through its subject matter with a kind of whimsy that is at once exhilarating and wistful. An historical document, the film captures multiple men hanging out in a kitchen in San Francisco having their makeup done in preparation for a night lounging on a living room couch bearing the beauty of their transformations as women. Cleve Jones, who conceived the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, contributes to the film as its location advisor.

Cool. I think it is a time capsule because all film is. Film captures a segment of space over time and does it with the technology available at the time so for as long as it survives deterioration it is a time capsule. That is the wonder of cinema and this short captures the wonder of some guys getting into drag at a certain expanse in time and space.

not worth watching