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Jungle Girl1941

  • 3.7
In 1941, Republic thrilled audiences with perhaps the best jungle serial ever produced. This thrilling adventure was loosely based on the famous novel "Jungle Girl" by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It starred the very beautiful Frances Gifford as Nyoka, with Tom Neal as the male hero Jack Stanton and Trevor Bardette and Gerald Mohr as their villainous adversaries. JUNGLE GIRL is packed with thrilling cliffhangers as opposing sides fight from chapter to chapter for a fortune in diamonds hidden in the African jungle. With both Helen Thurston and David Sharpe providing incredible stunt work, Gifford was able to swing through the jungle on vines with the agility of Tarzan, dive from cliffs into alligator-filled lakes, wrestle with man-eating lions and battle quicksand and poison gas throughout all fifteen exciting episodes!

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A fun fifteen chapters of death traps, diamond thieves and low-budget Hollywood jungle exotica from the Republic Pictures movie machine. All thrills, no frills. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas swiped the first cliffhanger, down to the camera shots, for a scene in INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM while directors William Witney and John English here do plenty of their own recycling of other serials. Frances Gifford's Nyoka the Jungle Girl has a few shining moments, but in true 1940s fashion, she spends much of the film in trouble, often in bondage, and in need of rescue from mustachioed man of action Tom Neal. It's a simple world here. Though pretty Nyoka seems to be the only woman within fifty miles, not one spear-wielding native or visitor from civilization here seems interested in getting her out of her animal skin mini-dress. I guess those thoughts are left up to the adolescent boys in the audience.

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Republic definitely had the serial mojo over their rivals in the 30's and 40's. Frances Gifford's real life put Nyoka to shame, but dig Linda Stirling, perhaps the greatest of all serial heroines. "Manhunt on Mystery Island" is here on Fandor, and Linda kicks ass in it.