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Julius Caesar1950

  • 2.9
An innovative approach to a classic. One of the two "unofficial" films (the other being PEER GYNT) Charlton Heston appeared in before his 1950 "debut" film, DARK CITY. Independently produced in and around the Chicago area, it tells the familiar tale of the Roman leader. Heston is cast as Marc Antony, a role he would again tackle in the 1970s JULIUS CAESAR. With a budget of less than $15,000, director David Bradley relied on ingenuity: for example, shooting Caesar's funeral on the steps of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, a building modeled after early Roman architecture.

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Member Reviews (3)

Interesting amateur attempt to have an Orson Welles-like go at Shakespeare with found locations and student actors. It's not even slightly good, but it's an unusual exercise to note exactly why it falls short.

Interesting amateur filmmaking of its time. I would be interested in learning of this and the earlier "Peer Gynt" distribution history in theaters if any one knows.

The movie was interestingly odd. Heston was Heston to me. The cinematography was repetitious on facial shots with half lit faces and I thought that was unusual. Over-all though I thought it was interesting. Not good but okay.