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Journey to Freedom1957

  • 2.3
Here's the story of Stephan (Jacques Scott), a Bulgarian refugee who is pursued all the way to Los Angeles by hostile secret agents due to his continuing agitation against the oppressors back home. Those dirty Reds will stop at nothing, even framing newly Americanized "Steve" for murder. In the early 1950s, Hollywood's favorite villains were evil Communists as the national "Red Scare" was at its paranoid height. This low-budget thriller has the distinction of being narrated by one of the "enemy" (a sneering Commie secret policeman) as well as being somewhat autobiographical. Writer/producer Stephen Apostolof really did fight against his native Bulgaria's new Communist regime, get imprisoned and escape to the West. When he took up directing a few years after JOURNEY, he became (often under the pseudonym "A.C. Stephens") a regular purveyor of grindhouse sleaze, making films like MOTEL CONFIDENTIAL, FIVE LOOSE WOMEN and ORGY OF THE DEAD, often in collaboration with bad-movie maestro Ed Wood. Don't miss the appearance of hulking ex-wrestler (and Wood regular) Tor Johnson as a "Giant Turk" in a barroom brawl. - Dennis Harvey

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