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John's Gone2010

  • 3.6
JOHN'S GONE is a fever dream comedy. John sells things online, cheats off dollar stores, needs friends but settles for strangers, has roaches. He is punch drunk, not with love but something far more strange and lost. One can only say John's gone. With JOHN'S GONE, the Safdie brothers fully embrace the aesthetic of consumer-quality video, adding a touch of depravity to the proceedings and suggesting a time-out-of-joint aspect to the short that (visually) seems to date from two decades earlier.

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Official selection of the 2010 Venice Biennale.

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My name's Mohamed and I like movies.

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My name's Mohamed and I like movies.

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good film

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top reviewer

I've watched this short 3 times. I can't write that I liked it, but I also am unable to write that I disliked it. "John's Gone" is just sort of hard to dismiss. There is something of merit here.

This Safdie Brothers film is about as mundane and aimless as a film can ever get. The thing is that once it starts it is hard to stop watching.

What is it about? Grief and eccentricity lost amid the chaos of New York City? Perhaps it is a sort of twisted love letter to NYC. Or maybe what you see is what you get: An unhappy slob trying to hustle his way through life as he continually encounters people and interactions that always seem to almost be headed for absurd comedy or strange tragedy.

I watched this film three times because I've had a very hard time trying to decide how I feel about it. This is, for me, always the case with the films that Josh and Benny Safdie produce.

"John's Gone" appears like a messy afterthought that may or may not be a great sort of jazz riff about modern urban American life. There again, it might just be a messy film that somehow holds the threat of being genuinely interesting. I'm just not sure.

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top reviewer

Smoother transitions and a better screenplay would have helped this farce.

top reviewer

Really funny, even before the monkey shows up. Despite its silliness, however, "Gone" is believable. It's easy to imagine a real person living their life in as out-of-touch a way as John. You probably even know one or two. What does that say about society?


lovin' it!

my Favorite moment: Abner Jay at the end. John, what a guy! Smoke him BABEH, whoah!!

bad film

I have no idea what that was about.