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James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket1990

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  • 4.6
James Baldwin was at once a major twentieth century American author, a Civil Rights activist and, for two crucial decades, a prophetic voice calling Americans, Black and white, to confront their shared racial tragedy. JAMES BALDWIN: THE PRICE OF THE TICKET captures on film the passionate intellect and courageous writing of a man who was born black, impoverished, gay and gifted. Towards the end of his life, as America turned its back on the challenge of racial justice, Baldwin became frustrated but rarely bitter. He kept writing and reaching in the strengthened belief that : "All men are brothers. That's the bottom line."

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"...succeeds remarkably in getting into the mind and spirit of the most celebrated black American writer of his time." - Walter Goodman, New York Times

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This was an amazing feature. Speaks to where we are today as a nation. The work that was left undone at the end of the Civil Rights Movement can now be completed.

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This was an amazing feature. Speaks to where we are today as a nation. The work that was left undone at the end of the Civil Rights Movement can now be completed.

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James Baldwin was the first African American novelist that I recall reading. As an African American adolescent seeking every opportunity to see myself in the products of the culture around me, I must say that I was fortunate, maybe destined, to find "Amen Corner". I think this movie was such an artistically appropriate and powerful means of communicating this influential and complicated human being and the many forces that shaped him and still shaped our world. It starts as if it is going to be a glorification of the giant that Baldwin became in the eyes of many, but it quickly becomes obvious that this is going to be a recreation of the complicated journey of a complicated, challenged, imperfect human being who boldly claimed his right and responsibility to inspire the rest of this imperfect humanity to still reach for the greatest in us in the midst of awareness of our limitations, frailties and opposition.

C.K. E.

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An exciting and memorable bio of the famous essayist. Great context to Baldwin's critique of American society.

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Thank You Fandor, for allowing me to discover another hero that I can truly call "Brother!" Before this time, I didn't know much of James Baldwin but I would see photo's of him related to the struggle of equality. Hearing and learning about this Man was refreshing to my soul! I don't agree with his strategies all the time, but I do respect what he represented. The burden's of inequality are to large for one man, why it didn't make him bitter is another testament to his greatness! This issue will take a collective effort by both sides to put to rest, the lies and distortion that this "ISM" has caused in our society, especially in America where it was most beneficial.

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A great, faithful biography of an incredibly brave American writer who challenged notions of the separation of black and white, spiritual and secular, gay and straight. His life, and this portrayal of it, demonstrates his importance, and the particular challenges of mid-century life for a sensitive, thoughtful, brilliant gay "negro" and the culture-transforming choices Baldwin made in response.

Outstanding. Critical now as ever.

A wonderful illumination of a brilliant writer and human being.

I loved this doc on James Baldwin! I recently bought David Leeming's biography of Baldwin's life and it filled in the details of everything from this film. It was nice to have visuals that corroborate the events from the text in the audiobook.


Great Documentary !

I like James Baldwin as a writer so I enjoyed this documentary about his life.

A very personal portrait of an important figure in American, gay and literary history who these days is somewhat overlooked I think.

An excellent documentary about the life and work of James Baldwin , his vision, his life and the times he lived in.

An excellent and thought-provoking work although a little too long.

Wonderful, fantastic and important footage. I fervently recommend everyone watch this.

Wonderful footage of Baldwin! His eloquence and style, expressions of his immense intellect and awareness of the human condition were always, for me, spellbinding. This is a wonderfully well-curated capsule biography of a unique and daring artist.

I will watch it again and again, just to listen to his resonant voice.