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It Happened Here1965

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  • 3.6
In IT HAPPENED HERE, Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo's brilliant re-write of history, Germany is winning World War II and Nazi troops occupy England. Pauline Murray, an apolitical Irish nurse, is transferred to London, where she slowly realizes the horrifying reality behind the occupation. The film is a terrifying intimation of what might have happened to British society if the Allied effort had failed. Brownlow was only eighteen and his co-director Mollo was sixteen, when they started this monumental documentary style drama in 1956. "The German invasion of England took place in July 1940 after the British retreat from Dunkirk. Strongly resisted at first, the German army took many months to restore order. But the resistance movement, lacking outside support, was finally crushed. Then, in 1944, the resistance movement reappeared." After years of hard work and with the help of hundreds of volunteers, IT HAPPENED HERE was finally completed in 1964. IT HAPPENED HERE influenced a generation of directors with its documentary-you-are-there style including a very young Peter Watkins, shown far left in the group of soldiers in the bottom still.

Member Reviews (2)

Intriguing, and I would assume all the more so when it was first released. I haven't anything to add to the description other than it is the apolitical nature of the lead character that makes this film effective. We learn with her what the Nazis have done to her country, and what the resistance is doing to take it back. Although the acting is sometimes stilted, the storyline more than compensates.

Perhaps not fully capitalized on, through the fear and real footage, the film offers more than enough to consider what if...