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Isn't Life Terrible1925

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  • 3.8
Taking aim at the sanctimonious tone of D.W. Griffith’s ISN’T LIFE WONDERFUL? (1924), this buoyant Charley Chase two-reeler plays life's tough breaks as gags. Hal Roach house director Leo McCarey’s typically patient camera setups allow for a hilarious interval between slapstick disasters and Chase’s stunned reactions. A worker tilling his pitiful lot, Charley takes up an offer to sell fountain pens door-to-door for a shot at a cruise vacation. Inevitably, the pens explode and the steamer leaks. The strong supporting cast features Fay Wray (KING KONG) as the housewife who suffers through Charley’s indelible pen pitch and Oliver Hardy as his loafing brother-in-law. Hardy and his partner Stan Laurel would return to the steep Los Angeles staircase featured in ISN'T LIFE TERRIBLE? for their 1932 film, THE MUSIC BOX.


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Member Reviews (2)

Blissfully naive in its beauty. The part with the Black child is still funny , call me un politically correct because I am. Great way to spend a half hour. Lovely but simple outfitting.

Cute movie , good quality print ... the most amazing thing, is with a litle research I was able to find out the little Black girl in the movie is Dorothy Morrison Green, sister of "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison of "Our Gang" fame, and herself a veteran or "Our Gang",and as of December 2011, still alive and well and living in Los Angeles. She is a delight to watch in this movie !! See her interview here :