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Director Nagesh Kukunoor and writer Vipul Rawal's IQBAL mines the narrative hallmarks of nearly every sport film ever made and yet the duo manages to keep the story engaging and entertaining throughout its relatively nimble (by Bollywood standards) running time. The titular character is a differently-abled boy with one overriding passion: to play on India's national cricket team. His father, of course, believes such compulsions are entirely without merit. But Iqbal has a natural talent for bowling and his innate skills will inevitably take him far. While the source materials are less than ideal (the transfer is taken from a circulating print of the film and the subtitles are added beneath the frame, thus making it necessary to present the film "windowboxed"), the timeless story of triumph over adversity makes IQBAL a worthwhile work for audiences of all ages despite its inferior assets.
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fair entertaining 50%