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Invasion U.S.A.1952

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  • 2.6
The exploitation masterpiece INVASION U.S.A. begins when a mysterious stranger (Dan O’Herlihy) engages a diverse group of Manhattan bar patrons in a discussion on the best way to beat Communism. Suddenly, a real Red Alert is declared and enemy parachutists by the thousands begin landing on American soil! Soon atom bombs are dropping, skyscrapers are crumbling and fifth columnists are taking over key industries. Through it all, a suave, street-smart reporter (Gerald Mohr) and a beautiful debutante (Peggie Castle) desperately try to find time for romance amid the chaos. The producers of INVASION U.S.A. (a motion picture made during the height of the Cold War) dared to show audiences what World War III might look like. By making ingenious use of stock footage, models and other special effects, the filmmakers created a film that makes for an indelible viewing experience.


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Member Reviews (2)

Kind of hokey 1950's anti-communist propaganda. But interesting concept in a "Red Dawn" sort of way.

This was a stunning movie! I am 61 years old. Old enough to remember the cold war. I recommend all voters to see this before they decide who to vote for. The War on Terror is World War 3 but this movie presents a different version of WW3 implying it is Soviet Communist but brilliantly calls it "the enemy". Stock footage is wonderful so there is some action for action fans but this is not anything like the Chuck Norris version! It is better.

It is brilliantly lacking big name stars that would be a distraction because it is plot driven not start driven. It is not predictable. The person who wrote the blurb describing this called it an Exploitation film but gave it a favorarable review. I give it a very favorable review. I do not like it being labeld as an Exploitation Film, a term the reviewer puts in the very first line. of his review. Who does it exploit? I could be said to have a right wing bias but does not exploit anyone as far as I can see. Exploitation usually refers to women or minorites not Communism or Capaitalism. The last four minutes had me rivited. The Invasion of the US today is less likely to be with bomber airplanes as the planes are no longer necessary to the real threats of nukes inside the Continental US it is relevant today. I do not have an agenda I am a film lover and I loved it.