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also known as Mezhplanetnaya revolyutsiya

Interplanetary Revolution1924

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  • 3.7
“Warriors of the Revolution: Save Martian Workers Enslaved by Capitalism!” With that we’re launched into an exotic blend of Bolshevik ideology and H.G. Wells science fiction, made in the forward-looking year of Lenin’s death. The film’s futurist collage generates a riot of geometric forms and political symbols as well as a pretty nifty ray gun fight.



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Amazing brilliant early animated film. You must see it, comrade!

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I've watched enough Soviet propaganda to be convinced that the Soviets had access to psychedelic drugs several decades before the West. I challenge anyone to dispute this.

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it's a sort of Bolshevik "Yellow Submarine" - "Red Submarine"??

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Amazing brilliant early animated film. You must see it, comrade!

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It was awesome. But what just happened?

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Fun stuff. Brilliant animation mixed with photos.

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Absurdist Masterpiece! Ironic that the Soviet government would later call this kind of art as degenerate and bourgeoise

One of the most psychedelic and innovative animated films I've ever seen, decades before its time. Proof that many science fiction concepts are far older than we might suspect.

Makes me wonder if there was some sort of live narration to accompany the film. Visually wonderful nonetheless...

This is one of the best things ive ever seen

Awesome! Soviet propaganda doesn't get more fun!

they even had a picture of lennon towards the end of this film great propaganda in its day.

You wouldn't expect Soviet propaganda to age well. Still, it's hard to follow or even comprehend this short -- or even its intent. It's hard to imagine the cinema audiences this was screened for enjoying it very much and they waited for the movie they actually came to see.


Surreal marxist mythology, with art deco influences. What were these guys on? Fascinating, but weird.

Interesting look in the way back machine. I am liking the future set, very visionary...