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  • 3.6
In the 1930s, Ingrid Bergman was a rising new star in Sweden and INTERMEZZO, released when she was just twenty-one, gave the actress her most famous role of this period. Bergman plays Anita Hoffman, an aspiring classical pianist who falls in love with a famed, but married, concert violinist. Their passionate affair has deep and unanticipated consequences for them both, and for Anita, the affair also stirs a crisis of conscience. INTERMEZZO was Sweden’s most celebrated film of the 1930s and it brought Bergman to the attention of Hollywood producer David O. Selznick. Indeed, after Selznick saw the film, he ordered his representative “to take the next boat to Sweden and not come home without a contract with Miss Bergman.” Three years later, she would remake the film for him in her American debut and its great success would set her on the path to become a Hollywood legend.


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Have to wait till the end to appreciate the films powerful message.

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If the film seems like 'deja vu, all over again'- it is because it is! It is a template for masses of subsequent films, after all, it just dates from 1935. However, it is still very pleasant to watch, and to compare Ingrid Bergman's acting in this to that in subsequent films: the tilt of her head in regret, or in embarrassment, etc...Old stuff, but fun stuff!

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Ingrid Bergman gives an outstanding performance as the pianist mistress of a world famous concert violinist. She lets him go at the end, so that he can return to his wife and children. A very touching, well done, and compelling drama. And it has Ingrid in a starring role, so you know that this film has to be good !!!