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  • 4.3
A collaboration between filmmaker Jem Cohen and the Washington D.C. band Fugazi, covering the 10 year period of 1987-1996. Far from a traditional documentary, this is a musical document; a portrait of musicians at work. The project mixes sync-sound 16mm film, Super-8 video and a wide range of archival formats, including concert footage, studio sessions practice, touring, interviews and portraits of audience emembers from around the country.

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Member Reviews (2)

If you don't already admire Fugazi's music and ethic, this film will convert you. Some truly arresting performances are captured here; the band's studio work pales in comparison to their jaw-dropping live show, which positively crackles with rage and youthful enthusiasm. In interviews and goofing around in the studio, the band members' conversations are effortlessly profound. I do have one gripe with Jem Cohen's direction, which is that he occasionally juxtaposes beautiful concert footage with unrelated instrumental recordings, to a distracting effect - why the actual performance recordings aren't always used, it's unclear. That said, it's an excellent document of a singular band.

This film was so beautifully crafted. The film operates and feels like a beautifullu extended musical note. Pure amazing. bye.