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Inky and Blinky1956

  • 3.4
Produced by leading auto insurer AAA, this exercise in simple animation is aimed toward very young children. Otto the Auto, "as friendly a car as there ever has been," is best friends with Blinky the Owl and Inky the pitch-black kitten. When the latter is nearly mowed down by a car at night, he suffers a big fright. Then Otto has a (literally) bright idea: when crossing the street at night, hard-to-see Inky (and you kids out there!) should wear some kind of white clothing. Of course today it would be some kind of fluorescent or reflective material. - Dennis Harvey

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top reviewer

Made in 1956, not 1978, this is animation in only the most limited sense. Still storyboards drawn by advertising professionals provide most of the 'animation'. Inky and Blinky is interesting, though, insofar as it provides a peek back to a very weird and uptight time in the history of the USA.