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  • 3.6
INFORMANT is a fascinating portrait of Brandon Darby, a radical left-wing activist turned FBI informant. In 2005, Darby became an overnight hero when he traveled to Katrina-devastated New Orleans and braved toxic floodwaters to rescue a stranded friend. Soon after, he co-founded Common Ground, a successful grassroots relief organization. But over the next few years, he began hiding a shocking secret. After two young protestors were arrested at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Darby revealed he had been instrumental in their indictment as an FBI informant. Today, having renounced his left-wing past, he is a tea-party darling who writes regularly for the right-leaning website The only film with access to Darby since his public confession, INFORMANT meticulously constructs a picture of his life (before and after the many death threats he has received) through interviews and tense reenactments starring Darby himself. Darby's version of events is accompanied, and often contradicted, by acquaintances and expert commentators, posing complicated questions about trust and the nature of reality. In addition to trying to unlock the mystery of Brandon Darby, INFORMANT offers a powerful insider look at the hidden use of informants in contemporary America, an especially timely issue in light of the recent leaks about government surveillance.

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Duplicitous and unreliable narrator takes you on hubris-filled trek through his sordid life as conspirator, informant, activist. Brandon Darby is one tick away from writing a eye-rolling tell-all in the style of Chuck Barris. Whether true or false, Darby's stories have a self-driven theatrical bombast to them. Hero or pariah, our subject seems to be emblazoned with a megalomaniac gaze that is psychologically engaging and simultaneously off-putting. And while Darby may be the centerpiece of his fragmented espionage tale, it's hard to be all that suckered into a documentary about someone so charmless and potentially daft.