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Incident at Loch Ness2004

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  • 3.4
INCIDENT AT LOCH NESS is a fictional account of a crew that is filming a documentary about the Loch Ness monster. When renowned director Werner Herzog and fellow filmmaker Zak Penn set off to explore the legend of Scotland's Loch Ness monster, they uncover much more than they bargained for. Unexplained sightings of the creature and chaos among the crew create an uneasy feeling that things aren't what they seem.

Member Reviews (1)

The film is hilarious, if one can let oneself be free of the pretensions and expectations that might normally follow one into a theater to see a film by Herzog who, it can be said, fondles, mauls, molests and tickles truth (as well as his own aura) away from fiction and back toward deception and invention. And if you thought that a trip to Loch Ness was a little beneath the great adventurer-film director's reach and his usual hunt for "ecstatic truth" and psychological demons, you might be correct; although, obviously, you're wrong. The question that remains as the credits roll is not whether the story was meant to become a charade or a farce as much as: at what point in the "script" did it intend to do so—and do so—and which story, and whose?