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In the Bedroom2001

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  • 4.1
The Fowlers are a typical family in Maine. Matt is the town doctor and loves to fish, his wife, Ruth, is the school's choir leader, and their son, Frank, is home from his first year of college. Frank has fallen in love with Natalie, a mother who isn't quite divorced yet from her husband, Richard Strout, whose family runs the local cannery. It makes Richard's blood run cold to see his wife running around with another man. When the affair takes a sudden tragic turn, the Fowlers are forced to confront the harsh reality of their situation and the inescapable consequences of their actions.

Member Reviews (3)

Lovely settings for a realistic and tragic tale of love both parental and between lovers

not sure the ending is fitting, but a good movie that takes the time to look into how one processes the death of a loved one...

An examination of grief, guilt, and learning to move forward. Believable characters.