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In Between Days2006

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  • 3.8
IN BETWEEN DAYS intimately portrays the joys and risks of first love and burgeoning adulthood with bracing and undeniable honesty. Aimie (Jiseon Kim) is a teenager recently transplanted from her native South Korea to a snowbound North American city. Disconnected from her single mother and bored at school, she struggles to find her way in a strange land of new faces only to encounter a strange age of new feelings. Aimie's sole meaningful connection is to her best and only friend Tran (Taegu Andy Kang), a Korean boy a few steps ahead of her on the path to assimilation. But as Aimie's feelings for Tran grow in complexity and depth, her sole source of comfort and stability begins to cause her unease. On the threshold of maturity, Aimie struggles to find a place outside herself where past and future connect and a place within herself where love and friendship don't cancel each other out.

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"IN BETWEEN DAYS begins and ends on a close-up of its female protagonist’s somber face; in between, that face traces a journey familiar to anyone who has ever been young, lonely and suffered the fever of first love." - Steven Boone, Keyframe

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probably not a total 5 but really well done_it's so hard growing up especially when you are sort of awkward

and in a strange land_Jiseon Kim - Aimie does a great job_it's painful & beautiful at the same time_the new kid on the block trying to fit in.........