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also known as Da-reun na-ra-e-seo

In Another Country2012

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  • 3.7
Legendary French actress Isabelle Huppert stars in the first English-language film from South Korean master Hong Sang-soo, "the love child Antonioni and Hou Hsiao-hsien never had" (Village Voice). In a triptych of overlapping stories, three different French women (a filmmaker, an adulterer and a divorcée; all played by Isabelle Huppert) visit a small Korean resort town and encounter a flirtatious director, a lovestruck lifeguard and far too much soju. Hong's latest tale of love, lust and misunderstanding, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY is an effortless, laugh-out-loud comedy that plays like a lost French New Wave classic.



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Ah, chokee! (or was it joh-ghee?) The lifeguard played by Jun-Sang Yu was most delightful in this film, and so was the entire cast. It's a lighthearted, and often really funny film comprised of 3 skit-like, deja vu in an alternate universe scenarios of moments of escape, or contemplation, or plain aimlessness of one French woman in South Korea. One very enjoyable scene was the conversation with the monk. I had hoped for a moment of enlightenment for Anne at the point, to bring together all the stories, but the film decided to leave life's unanswered questions...unanswered and unimportant. Just enjoy the soju.

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A slow affair, with moments of splendid truth capture, however in all for me a rather unsatisfying film. The premise was very interesting but the execution a bit off I think. The acting, honestly left much to me desired. The film, in a minimalistic away always alluded to something without ever really getting there. More of a rough sketch than a feature film, in my opinion.

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Hong Sang-soo has crafted a whimsically surreal comedic film that is somewhat of a departure from what he normally makes. The film's primary concern is related to the identity of a foreign visitor's identity in relation to the locals of a culture unknown to her. Hong presents Huppert as 3 different characters in 3 various vignettes. It is within these three identities that we see a number of situations exploring how "innocent" and "kind" attempts at interaction/connecting are often misunderstood or misinterpreted. This is the first time we've seen Hong Sang-soo offer a clearly articulated idea: Whether we like it or not, our lives fulfillment are often condensed to something as minor as which direction we should take when we are most confused. A light comedy with some meat for thought.

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Huppert is the greatest actor alive today, but this film is a bit weak....

Hilarious and clever. An accurate portrait of white/asian relations, fetishization of "foreign" races, and international friendships in general. I think anyone that spends much time in diverse communities, especially those of Asian descent, will enjoy the comical subtleties of communication/miscommunication in this film.

Cute, but not entirely engaging.