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In a Box1973

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  • 3.8
A short animated film of line drawings suggesting the predicament of people who are "boxed in" by life. It takes only a few deft strokes of the animator's pen to show how people's lives are limited by their view of things. The box they are in may be uncomfortable in many ways, but they rush back to its familiarity, if not security, even though brief sorties outside may show them a bigger world.



Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

fun style of animation

Is this an example of how someone suffers in the case of living with an abusive person?

Notice how the character goes back into "the box" when his family member starts raging at him? Notice how "the screamer" gets a smug look on his face when the main character winds up back in the cage again?

Boy, do I resemble this remark...

4 minutes well spent