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I'm a Fool1976

  • 3.1
Traveling from town to town during the summer of 1919, young Andy (Ron Howard) has left his Ohio home in search of adventure and romance as a horse trainer on the country fair racing circuit. More than a little "wet behind the ears," Andy learns a bittersweet lesson about life when he meets Lucy (Amy Irving) the girl of his dreams at the race track one day. Ashamed of his occupation, Andy leads Lucy to believe he's wealthy. Soon one lie leads to another until there is no way to tell Lucy the truth. The irony of the story is that Lucy and Andy have fallen deeply in love.

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top reviewer

Noel Black's I'm A Fool (1976) is a fine dramatic period piece. The period settings, costumes, artifacts are just great. This storyline was very interesting, and very engaging, a compelling coming of age piece. The acting of the whole cast is great. It was fun seeing Ron Howard so young again. The cinematography is great. The picture quality was not too good though, which is probably due to the fact that this was a made for TV production recorded with now outdated video technology.