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also known as 1 - Ichi

Ichi Origin2003

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  • 2.5
Before he was known as Ichi the Killer, he was just plain Ichi. But even that isn't the real name of the twisted young man who will one day become the underworld's most notorious murderer. At a normal suburban high school, Dai and Onizame are two toughs who fight it out for the title of the strongest in the school. Their classmate Ichi is beneath their notice, a weakling who is bullied and taunted by kids half his age. But when Ichi snaps and releases the psychopath within on a group of students, Dai and Onizame can't turn away. The Stage is set for a showdown between pure street fighters and pure violent insanity!


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Member Reviews (1)

everything that happens in this film is so unrealistic and absurd adults or police in sight for many fights in school etc,, just a weak ass plot with all lose ends,,, A waste of the ICHI name...

don't bother, just watch Itchi the killer again..