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I Was Possessed by God2000

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On February 14th (Valentine's Day), 1993, Caveh Zahedi, being without a date, decided to ingest five grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms. For the first time in his mushroom-taking experience, he had an experience of "divine possession," in which he felt that a divine being took possession of his body and spoke through him in a voice that was not his and with knowledge that he himself did not possess. He afterwards tried several times to repeat the experience. I WAS POSSESSED BY GOD is the documentary record of one such experience.

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Think I might've gotten a contact high if I watched this whole thing. Alas, I didn't & don't recommend you do either. The scenario & drug use I don't have a problem with, but it seemed obvious to me that the guy was playing it up for the camera. There are better & more objective documentaries on the subject of hallucinogenic transcendence. Seek those out &/or experiment on yourself. Watching this will teach you nothing; not even a good recipe for mushroom tea.

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Lemon juice !!

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I would be more interested in this short film if it didn't feel like he is playing it up and trying for the camera so much. He knew he would be screaming and carrying on by the phone call he made before drinking the mushroom tea, so he knew he was going to act a fool. And if this was a successful "possession" by God, it shows that God doesn't have much to say, but wants to give a shout out to Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon for "Harold and Maude," which might mean it actually was God talking through him.

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Glad to finally have seen this.

I am glad I will never take mushrooms again.


So interesting and insightful. He has courage to put this out there, most people would not understand unless they've experiences the mushroom themselves! Further to this, after reading the other two reviews I have to say "possessed by God" has been taken too literally. When you do the mushrooms (as I have many times) everything becomes holy - so whether or not God is talking through him is irrelevant as this is the nature of the mushroom experience. Further to this, God is - all that is. There is nothing outside of God, everything is a piece of God experiencing itself from an infinite number of perspectives, so yes he is possessed by God as he is an aspect of God having a Holy experience. If you don't want to take my word for it, that's fine! However I would encourage people to do a few grams themselves before judging this video. Thanks