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I Think We're Alone Now2008

  • 3.7
I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW is a documentary that focuses on two individuals: Jeff and Kelly, who claim to be in love with the 1980s pop singer Tiffany. Jeff Turner, a 52-year-old man from Santa Cruz, California, has attended Tiffany concerts since 1988. Diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, Jeff lives alone off of government checks and has never had a girlfriend. Jeff spends his days hanging out on the streets of Santa Cruz, striking up conversations with anyone who has a moment to spare about conspiracy theories, God and Tiffany. Kelly McCormick is a 35-year-old intersex sports fanatic from Denver, Colorado, who claims to have been friends with Tiffany as a teenager. She credits Tiffany as the shining star who has motivated her to do everything in her life. Through both humorous and heartbreakingly sensitive scenes, the film takes a look at Jeff and Kelly's lives, revealing the source of their clinging obsessions.

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"The outer frontier of celebrity culture, where fandom meets mental illness, is home to I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

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Uncomfortable and endearing. Delicately handled. The world is a strange place.

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Uncomfortable and endearing. Delicately handled. The world is a strange place.

2 members like this review
top reviewer

There are broken people everywhere. Somehow, they/we find a way to carry on. Some better than others. The two people here could have given up. Instead, they found a way, their own ways to go on with their lives, despite the loneliness, unfulfilled dreams and ridicule. They are deluded, yet they still believe their fantasies will come true. Is that dogged determination? Is that plain old insanity? Can we know? I found no happiness here. Hopefully, the subjects of this doc find some of their own. I didn't see it on the screen. I know I could not have made this doc, far too depressing for me. There are broken people everywhere.

top reviewer

Thought-provoking doc on the obsession fans can possess toward a media star. Fascinating!

I agree with Kitty. The world is very large.

Deft direction of delicate and intriguing subject matter

cool story

i imagine this is the kind of movie that gets a lot of different reactions from people. for me, it was difficult and complexly sad in ways that are hard to summarize. given the ephemerality and general cheesiness of tiffany as a pop sensation, it's something of a shock how genuine these people are, and the filmmakers do take advantage of how beyond-shame their obsessions have become. that said, it's intensely empathetic and does not end up feeling as exploitative or mean-spirited as it might seem at first. unforgettable and definitely at home in the "cult" section...

Odd film, but well done.