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I Think It's Raining2011

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  • 3.3
Meet Renata, a twenty something being of heartfelt idealism and neurotic angst, unexpectedly back in her native San Francisco after fleeing for reasons still unknown. A singer. A romantic. A cynic. A traipse, a trespasser, a miscreant and a thief; Renata is a lovely contradiction and a liar. Starring Alexandra Clayton and featuring original songs written and performed by Clayton, I THINK IT'S RAINING, is a music-infused San Francisco portrait of a young woman at odds with who she once was and who she will become.

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i watched this because of the shot of her in the pool_Renata is mostly tiresome annoying and a pain_but sometimes i like her & i like what's happening_it's an interesting film concept wise & pretty well done

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