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I am Not a Rock Star2012

  • 4.3
Labelled a child prodigy, Marika Bournaki is catapulted into a world of concerts, competitions and media coverage at a very young age. Made over the course of eight years, I AM NOT A ROCK STAR follows Markia during her rise to fame between the ages of twelve and twenty. The film dramatically unfolds to reveal the coming of age of an ambitious, talented pianist and the consequences of her eight year journey to make it.

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The film holds back from actually exploring the strain that is constantly threatening to break a young woman and her family. It offers insight only when it feels safe to do so.

Watching someone like Marika Bourbaki evolve via (an 8 year) time lapse from a child prodigy groomed for a career as a concert pianist - confused and obedient at first - and then slowly but surely realizing that what she wants is different - not wholly - but different - that she craves the joy of music above and beyond the prestige of concertizing - is truly a joy. It seems that by 16 she develops this awareness for herself that it's not only the acceptable but the necessary path for her to take - and by 20 has the confidence to follow that path. You can't help but feel sorry for her father, whose intentions, though well-meaning, certainly appear to be motivated by his own inability to reach his dreams, but it is comforting to see his daughter willing to separate herself gently (and with great forgiveness) from his dreams and follow her own. With all the concert excerpts in this fantastic document, there are none that show her with a broader and more beautiful smile than when (towards the movie's close and at the age of 20), she plays for a classroom of adorable and rambunctious children, and we can see that is clear in that moment that she knows in exactly the direction she knows her soul will, and should, go.

Gave unusual insight into the family and professional dynamics of families who invest lots of time and resources into the talent of one child. It was well paced and did not gloss the difficulties that arise in such dynamics.