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How to Smell a Rose2014

A Visit with Ricky Leacock at His Farm in Normandy

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  • 4.3
Ricky Leacock, Al Maysles, Robert Gardner, Robert Drew, Les Blank: the generation that invented cinema verité and gave us a plethora of brilliant documentaries is passing away. In HOW TO SMELL A ROSE, directed by Blank and Gina Leibrecht, one legendary figure visits with another. Les Blank's warm and moving portrait of Leacock and partner Valerie Lalonde in France includes marvelous clips of Leacock's movies, including his earliest film, CANARY BANANAS, made at age fourteen on his father's Canary Island plantation. Leacock is as charismatic recalling his cinematic triumphs (shooting Robert Flaherty's LOUISIANA STORY, filming Leonard Bernstein in Israel), as he is explaining why he quit drinking or quoting Escoffier on the making of a perfect bouillon.



Member Reviews (3)

A lfe lived sincerely, authentically. with love and work, time for both.

great way to see some of the greats and some really good stories.

Wonderful, lovely film. Very inspiring to a fellow filmmaker. Thanks for this terrific film.