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also known as Jak to sie robi

How It is Done2006

  • 2.8
A popular media advisor and consultant to many leading Polish politicians, Piotr Tymochowicz conducts a controversial experiment to prove he can make a charismatic leader out of any anonymous person. Filmmaker Marcel Lozinski decides to test Tymochowicz's theories and follow him with his camera. Tymochowicz takes a group of volunteers, shows them how to dress, how they need to appear on television, tells them what to say, where to go and what to do for three years. While most of the prospects drop out of the project once they realize that they'll be required to abandon most (if not all) of their principles under Tymochowicz's tuition, a few find they actually enjoy the process. The most promising one, without any principles but hungry for power, takes to the teachings so well that Tymochowicz suggests he could become Poland's next leader if he sticks with him. "Fake it till you make it" is the motto on the Polish political scene. But the same demagogy can be applied anywhere (which makes this documentary disturbing and unforgettable). - Stela Jelincic

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