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How Far is Heaven2012

  • 4.1
The Sisters of Compassion have lived in the remote village of Jerusalem/Hiruharama on the Whanganui River in New Zealand for one hundred twenty years. Today, only three nuns remain - their legacy on the river is coming to an end. This is a complex world of powerful dualities; Maori and Christian spirituality, parties and prayers, pig hunting and perfume appreciation... Over the course of a year, the film follows the journey of Sister Margaret Mary, the newest Sister to Jerusalem, who is a regular volunteer at the local school. Through an intimate, observational gaze, the film is captivated by the spellbinding personalities of the local kids, whose humor and unique philosophies transcend the harsher realities of life. Throughout all seasons, the Sisters' daily practice of compassion engages with the traditions of local Maori. Together they learn to navigate life's heartbreak and joy. Filmmakers Miriam Smith and Christopher Pryor lived and filmed in Jerusalem for a year, gaining privileged insight into this special world.

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Member Reviews (2)

I loved this documentary, it was soft and beautiful like the judging and a dear yearning on the part of the 3 nuns to respect and accept and such true compassion that it touches you deeply. thanks to the very respectful and intelligent people who make the film for seeing and sharing.............

Got bored. Fell asleep