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House of the Black Death1965

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  • 2.9
Warlock Belial Desard (Lon Chaney Jr.) and his brother Andre (John Carradine) battle for dominion over the creepy House of Desard. HOUSE OF THE BLACK DEATH is a result of one group of hack filmmakers making half a movie and a different group of hacks unsuccessfully attempting to finish the job. Complete viewer bewilderment is unconditionally guaranteed.


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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

There are bad movies you love and bad movies you wanna hit on the nose with a rolled up newspaper because of the mess it made in your living room. "House of Black Death" definitely falls into the latter category. This movie has the pace of sloth and the plot structure of a jellyfish. Not even breaks for gratuitous satanic belly dancing can liven up this thing. The black and white cinematography and paper maché scenery create a certain gothic/camp atmosphere, like an old episode of "Dark Shadows," but otherwise, "The House of Black Death" is possibly the most un-horrifying horror movie ever made.

There was no real back drop to the plots

I thought it was fantastic I prefer these types of horror movies !!!