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House in the North Country2010

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  • 3.2
Described as being based on a play by Talaya Delaney, Kevin Jerome Everson' silent HOUSE IN THE NORTH COUNTRY is not your typical stage adaptation. For one, it is unclear where the rehearsal ends and the performance begins. Everson's close-ups offer a distinctly cinematic rendering of theatrical blocking, with the actors' repeated movements (a soldier’s salute, a woman's carrying a lit torch) taking on heightened significance. The plot remains obscure but Everson conjures a psychological intensity comparable to Maya Deren's studies for camera. - Max Goldberg

Member Reviews (1)

Unbelievable. James Broughton must have stood up in his coffin and said, "Really? There's a more inane A-G artist than myself? How did they get funded when there are so many inventive visual artists in this world?" That's it, I'll watch no more of this pretender. My only question is why Fandor's A-G assessor is so blind.