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  • 2.5
Armed with an ancient Hi-8 video camera (with a broken microphone) and a decrepit Super-8 film camera, filmmaker Broderick Fox travelled between Berlin and Los Angeles with his German partner, on an autobiographical search for home and for himself. Years later, Fox pulls these tapes and reels of footage out of a drawer and crafts this documentary: an ode to Berlin, a coming of age story and a tribute to first love in equal parts. This work is part of Fox's present exploration of "alternative home movies," telling the stories often silenced or forgotten behind the smiling faces of family albums and home videos. Fox was compelled to rework the HOME material in the wake of the 2008 passage of Proposition 8 in California, a voter referendum banning recognition of gay marriage in the state. A similar ballot measure in 2000, Proposition 22, contributed in part to the dissolution of his transnational relationship. HOME was written, shot, produced and edited by Fox, all for under $200, underscoring that complex, emotional work can be made without access to specialized technologies or professional budgets.

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

This is somewhere in between a documentary and a diary, presenting disparate film and narrative content that ranges over lot of time and geography with the loose theme of "home" as a fixed point of reference. As with much confessional art, I felt a little bit like I was listening to a stranger on a bus telling me a long story and showing pictures, but as an audience member I didn't feel especially considered in the experience.

top reviewer

I gave this one star. I was shocked. The storyline was terrible and really the only interesting aspect to this short narrative was the medium he used. He must have used film or Super 8 because it had a vintage feel.

Did not want to finish watching the after the line "People say when..." - talk about lazy narrative storytelling. Gave it a few more seconds and simply was not compelled or mesmerized. I honestly think it would be better without narrative and just as the images. I also got the easy sense of a deceptive narrator who has a harder time getting away with his deception.

nicely done story. Good music and very poetic narration.