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  • 3.4
Meet the Hi-Riders, a gang of jean-jacketed drag racers. Every man a devil-driven death machine in a human demolition derby. They live hard and die hard, screaming demons headed for hell on chopped-down hogs. Mark (Darby Hinton) and Lynn (Diane Peterson) get caught up in a story of hatred and revenge after trying to collect on a bet with a Hi-Rider. The Hi-Riders are challenged to a drag race by one of the local hot heads and, in a spectacular explosion, both drivers are killed. The local boy’s father vows revenge. A fantastic stunt-filled chase ensues between the Hi-Riders and the local henchmen. Whipped into a blazing frenzy of violence the Hi-Riders are humping hot steel hogs on a raging rampage through the town. Zip up your leather jacket, kick over the starter and take the ride of your life with the Hi-Riders!
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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Pure low-budget, high-octane, crash and burn Grindhouse. What you see is what you get: cars, stunts and seat-of-the-pants camera work by ace cinematographer Dean Cundey. In a perfect world, this is a movie you watch at a drive-in with plenty of beer and weed.

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top reviewer

this one didn't work for me a lame script and a poor plot hi riders no all they did is race on the street occasionally and go to the bar and repeat no great acting either even a actor like Neville brand could not pull this one off.!

top reviewer

What exactly is the point of judging movie called "HI-RIDERS" based on the script and performances? It is what it is: a zero-budget, straight-to-the-Drive-In, Exploitation flick. Vroom-Crash!

Plot was a little thin and the dialogue a little stilted, but the real problem with this movie was the cinematography. The lighting was so bad in several of the scenes that you couldn't make out much. Other than that, not too bad.