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Hide and Seek1996

  • 4.1
  • passes the bechdel test
HIDE AND SEEK is a daring exploration into wild, uncharted territory, in the 1960s. Lou is a twelve year old girl who daydreams in a tree house, wins a rock throwing contest and is horrified to discover that her best friend is taking an interest in earrings and boys. Interwoven with Lou's story are the mostly hilarious, sometimes painful recollections of adults who try to figure out how they ever got from there to here. HIDE AND SEEK is for every woman who's been to a slumber party and every man who wonders what went on at one.

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Member Reviews (6)

top reviewer

Interesting attempt at a discussion

Why am I not able to watch it?

Love this film

Beautiful, quirky love letter to girlhood, queer & otherwise.

Beautiful. My favourite by Sue.

worth watching. women telling childhood stories integrated in a story of two little girls and their relationship.