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Hey! Is Dee Dee Home?2002

  • 3.5
Lech Kowalski's documentary feature is about the life and times of Ramones bassist and all-star burn out, Dee Dee Ramone (1952-2002). Dee Dee's life is a fascinating character study of a punk rock legend who never grew up. Listen to Dee Dee's account with director Lech Kowalski, to discuss Johnny Thunders for the film BORN TO LOSE. Relive the battlefield history of rock and roll through the memories of this ordinary, yet extraordinary guy from Queens whose songs distilled frustration, humor and pleasure, into the energetic melodies that made the Ramones a worldwide influence!

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yes very raw, but that's what they were all about really

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Crazy ramble. One long story. All about Johnny Thunders and heroin. Dee Dee is self-obsessed and self-righteous and self-deprecating. You want to smack the guy and tell him to knock it off. The film crew fawns over him. They giggle inappropriately. The guy is a junkie near death, but he has charisma. He has some kind of crazy intelligence. But he can't sustain a thought past two or three sentences.

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good observations Daniel,but if you ever heard them at their peak it was awesome, yes too much about Thunders, a minor talent and yes junkie talk....still

yes very raw, but that's what they were all about really

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top reviewer

Terribly sad and raw. Incredible account of the lovable, legendary punk rock star,s last year alive.

I'm a Ramones fan but this isn't really about the Ramones. It's about DeeDee's heroin addiction and his ambivalence about Johnny Thunders. I think he hated seeing reflection of his own junkiedom in Thunders, so for most of the film he weaves Thunders in and out of his very loose narrative. This film would have benefitted from a little bit more direction from the interviewers/filmmakers. Leaving a burnt out middle aged DeeDee to ramble with no direction on film for an hour is a bit tough to watch because it is both depressing and boring (and not in any profound way.)

Weird stuff. If this guy's IQ was significantly lower he'd basically qualify for having a disability. I don't mean that as an insult. I didn't know that much about the Ramones, but was stunned to hear Dee Dee speak. It's like he has has the attention span of a squirrel, and I had to wonder how much of it was what he was born with (I'm guessing most) vs the effects of drugs.... Keith Richards did copious amounts of drugs too, but is much more articulate. In a sense it's amazing that his life was channeled into a place where he actually was able to do something - anything - of significance. I'm not knocking the guy - it's a tough world - but, wow.

I almost couldn't get through this at times b/c I felt my brain start to atrophy, and I'm guessing a die hard Ramones fan would get a lot more out of the nuances of the film. Sort of morbidly fascinating, though... a multiple-collision car wreck on screen in front of you.

Raw and real. Got a real sense of the scene. RIP DE DE