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Here I Am1962

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  • 4.0
Bruce Baillie’s lyrical portrait of an Oakland school for emotionally disturbed children regards the world of the classroom with open curiosity. His camera thrives on the unpredictable movement of students and fog; every new composition is a new window unto the school space. This impressionistic style realizes many small epiphanies of play and private reverie. A soundtrack of bird-song and cello only deepens the quietude. Though filmed in a style akin to cinéma-verité, HERE I AM flows as a poem.



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"It's [Bruce] Baillie's way of allowing these marginalized, oft-forgotten kids to say, I am here, I'm a person too, I deserve some attention too." - Ed Howard, Only the Cinema

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top reviewer

weird. sad, but insightful as to simple care for complex conditions. the kids seemed happy, yet makes you wonder what it was like for them when they went home. it would have been nice to see that juxtaposition.

top reviewer

Children...out of tune? Not everyone appreciates the same sounds as you or I. Dischordant harmonies are still beautiful when seen through loving and patient eyes. The fog rolls out and back in...such short respite it was from an unhappily average world.



What a gem. A really beautiful short film.

so great