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Her Wilderness2014

  • 2.8
An elliptical, minimalist narrative of a lost, wandering child in the wake of an affair that may or may not have even happened. Both wildly operatic and quietly mysterious, while blending memory with fantasy, HER WILDERNESS is a portrait of four women wondering just how much power they wield in choosing their next stage in life. Both a feature installation film and an online interactive experience, it is an investigation into responsibility, choice and identity.

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Member Reviews (2)

top reviewer

This is beautifully filmed and competently directed but all is lost with the shoddy sound. Please go back and have a sound editor re-record the dialogue, foley and soundtrack. This film is begging for it.

top reviewer

visually well done_all of it quite good_not crazy about the dialog_that part(the story i guess seemed forced) _ little girl walking is a nice add