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  • 3.7
All hell breaks loose when little Petey Wilson and his two hell-raising brothers are left home alone. But can the boys suffer the consequences of their reckless behavior? HELLION takes us through the eyes of a seven year old dreading the ultimate fear: punishment. The short film that inspired the feature-length version!

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Awesome short film, a must watch! Every dad should take some notes.

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top reviewer

Awesome short film, a must watch! Every dad should take some notes.

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Excellent short with a great twist ending. There's a moral to this story!!!

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"Hellion" is just about everything you could ask for in a short film: pace, timing, execution, twists and turns, all in six minutes! It's a real firecracker!

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Really funny Texas story for ya. But this is Georgetown. Not Austin. So.... Expect a little something different. ;)

Great movie in 6 min.

Brilliant. Everything about the film was spot on. Now I want to see the feature.

the first time i tried to watch it, i could not get through it because of what was obviously going. second time i made it all the way