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  • 3.5
HELLAWARE gently satirizes the world of high-brow art through the eyes of a wannabe photographer who becomes consumed by the bright lights of mainstream success. Jaded by the "incestuous, New York, socialite shit" that sells at prominent art galleries, Nate embarks on a quest for a more authentic brand of contemporary art. When a coked-up YouTube search leads to a music video from Delawarean Goth rappers Young Torture Killers, an Insane Clown Posse knock-off, Nate knows he’s found his subjects. He soon drags his friend-with-benefits Bernadette to rural Delaware to shoot the group playing in their parents’ basement. To "immerse himself" in the group’s culture and add an extra layer of realism to his work, Nate befriends the rappers and makes return trips to get to know them. But as his relationship with group develops, he becomes increasingly aware that, while you can take the boy out of the art world, you can't take the art world out of the boy.

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"...entertainingly silly albeit dark, and, yeah, really funny." - Jen Ortiz , GQ

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Holy smokes this is brilliant!

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Holy smokes this is brilliant!

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This is a total must for indie slacker lovers.

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am i to old to know what good film making is , what a good plot is, what a good script is ? It's playing in NYC makes it cool ?? THIS WAS SUCH A WASTE OF TIME !! NO STARS

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top reviewer

Bilandic's movie is funny, clever and most of all smartly constructed. While it amusingly pokes fun at the NY art scene -- this film is fully aware that stopping there would be far too easy. This movie is particularly effective because it's core aim extends past the scene, straight thru the heart of the lame "artist" and finally slams into the ultimate victims: the "audience" who buys into all the fake posturing but the misguided subject of the film's artist. And, it is in the casual exploitation of a group of suburbia misfits that Michael M. Bilandic's satire takes an unexpected turn. As funny as it is, the movie sheds an all too real glimpse into a dark corner of suburbia. It is both funny and unsettling that this seemingly lost group of teens are the only people who are "aware"

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Glib in its heat seeking indictment of stodgy art impresarios and metropolitan intellects, "Hellaware" is a cannibalistic love letter. Indulgent, crude, noxious, and self-aware, this is a film that lampoons everything faux, including itself.

PS - I feel like they sound mixed this movie in the food court of a mall, so I'm knocking off half of a star tbh.

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mostly terrible but i liked the end_

good movie.

Excellent film. Very entertaining. Keith Poulson is outstanding. Wonderful actor.